Accessibility Requirements

Fonts and Styles

  • Only use font specified by myreportdoc templates i.e. Arial.
  • Minimum font size – 12 point (14 point if possible).
  • Use bold and underline carefully i.e. do not highlight more than a few words.
  • Don’t use capital letters in blocks.
  • Italics should be used appropriately e.g. for publication titles or Latin words only.
  • Text should always be left aligned – not fully justified.


  • Spell out acronyms when using for the first time and put them in brackets at first use.
  • Single column format only – avoid double columns.
  • Be consistent with chosen styles throughout document.
  • Whole words carried over to the next line, rather than split across two lines.
  • Don’t have blank pages in documents.

Colour and Images

  • Ensure high contract between text and background colour e.g. black on white. Do not add colour background.
  • Do not put text over images, pictures or graphics.
  • Any information conveyed within images must also be suitably described with text. Avoid setting text around illustrations too.